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Canine DNA Test Kit; The Best Solution For Our Dogs

Canines are part and parcel of our family. Most of the people love and adorer dogs as they adore any other family members. There are those individuals who even adore canine more than their family members, and they consider them as pets. The bond between a dog and a person is deeply rooted. There is nothing a person can fail to do to a dog to ensure it is healthy and safe, just like other family members. Canine that are well-bred can detect disease. They are very helpful to individuals who are suffering from various illnesses, and there are lab trials to use them to detect individuals who are suffering from diseases such as cancer and other diseases. The only problem is that they cannot be able to communicate with us, telling us they are sick, and they need medical attention. The common cause of dog deaths is cancer. Cancer develops in the body of a dog, and the level of stress becomes overwhelming and can lead to the death of your dog. Doctors have devised a way to know the disease your dog might be suffering from. There is a DNA test kit that is used to combine DNA technology to detect any kind of disease your canine might be suffering from. This DNA test kit is easy to use, and it can be used from the comfort of your home without consulting your veterinary officer. This DNA test kit can be used from your home, and it can detect the early stages of cancer. This kit will provide you with results after a short period from the moment you take a sample and measure them using your DNA test kit.

By nature, our dog is pack animals, and they require a lot of training and exercise to ensure they live a healthy life. You need to monitor your dog and check for any mod changes closely. If you notice there is any mood change, then you will know that your dog is suffering from stress and take necessary precautions. Cancer is a tumor disease and takes time before you can notice its symptoms. Early detection of cancer will help you treat your dog before the condition becomes worse. This DNA test kit measures the thermodynamic stability of DNA. It will be able to know the level of stress your dog is suffering from and take action before the condition becomes worse. You will only be required to take a swab of your canine’s wet nose since this contains traces of DNA. You will then be required to transfer the swab to a plate where a mobile app will detect, analyses, and provide you with accurate results. The normal range of an average dog is below 50. If the test kit shows a level of 50-60, your dog is at risk level. If the condition is extreme within 80-90, then this is cancer level, and your dog needs medical attention. In conclusion, it is essential to keep our canines healthy. Any stress that your canine is suffering from should be handled very first before the condition becomes worse.

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