Produce a Favicon for Your Customers Bookmarks in Four Simple steps

A favicon is a custom icon that sits alongside your web site title inside a persons favourite’s menu when they’ve bookmarked your site, it is a good way to create an ‘eye drawing image’ to ensure people always see you link within their favourite’s and should hopefully encourgae them to look at that ‘great site that these people haven’t visited yet today! a

This is a quick guide which will provide instructions on how to produce one for your site, it truly is extra tool to maintain your website in the customers mind.

All it requires is four easy steps…

1) Choose an image that you want to use to represent your site. Most people use a little version of their logo but you should use any image that you would like. I would advise however that you simply choose an image that is reflective of the web sites theme and a picture that will still remain recognisable once the size is dropped to sixteen x 16 pixels.

2) Take your selected image, which should be as high a quality as possible get, in. JPG or. GIF format and convert your image towards the 256 color Web Safe Colour scheme or the Windows 16 colour format. This can very easily be achieved in most graphics packages so that as a guideline I would say how the less colours you use the better in order to maintain image clarity and professionalism and reliability.

3) Using your graphics bundle, reduce the image down in order to 16 x 16 pixels, you now need to ensure that a person preserve the image resolution. This can be a key factor as a larger image that’s been reduced can loose all clarity and become a tacky blob, is this the way you want your web site appreciated? The key here is to maintain perservering until you are pleased with the finished icon which is a great advertisement for the actual professionalism, and the theme, of the web site.

4) Once you are pleased with your completed icon you have to save it as “Favicon. ico”. This is actually the default name that web web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, search for. This file then needs to become copied to the root directory of the web site and then each time a customer bookmarks your site your image is cached and can display when they use their own favourites menu.

This can very easily be tested on clearing your cache and re-bookmarking your website and ‘hey presto’ your brand new shiny, professional and eye drawing favicon can look next to your site title and can also appear in the address bar of the browser.

This is just another simple trick that aims to obtain you ‘thinking outside the box’ with regards to developing your website presence and reminding your visitors to come and re-visit your site.